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Sarah's story - Sarah was diagnosed with diabetes aged 14. Scared of the insulin injections she couldn't take them, or talk it over with anyone.

She developed diabetic retinopathy - a complication of diabetes - and now works for RNIB helping other people with sight problems.

Today is: June 25, 2003

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We've relaunched our website

Summary: This site has been designed to be usable and accessible for all of our customers. Find out more about how and why we designed the site in the way we did. relaunched!

What's the difference?

If you've noticed that this site looks different to the last time you visited, that's because it's a completely new website. The site has been completely redesigned to make it more accessible, easier to navigate and visually attractive, but the really big difference is that all of the information has been updated and rewritten for the web.

Why did we need to change?

Our old site had become very large and difficult to maintain, so some of the information on the site was not as up to date as we would have liked. To combat this, our Webteam customised a web content management system to make it accessible to all of our staff. We tested the content management system on our intranet site for RNIB staff - and this was so successful that it won the Nabarro Nathanson/Infoconomy award for best use of technology. Our aim is to repeat that success with this website!

How does the new system work?

The new system helps us keep the site up to date and ensures that the pages are always consistent – consistency is a crucial issue for many of our customers who browse the site using screen magnification software and text to speech readers.

What about people with sight problems?

RNIB campaigns for web designers to make their sites accessible to people with sight problems and this new site demonstrates that you can use cutting-edge technology to create a site that is functional, attractive and easy to use for all of your customers, regardless of how they're accessing it. We consulted extensively with web users including access technology users, to get this site right, but we are, of course, always open to feedback. See How we designed this site for more details about the site redesign. If you have any comments about the new site please contact our Webteam.

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