I'm Mike Davies, Senior Engineer for HelloSelf which offers online one-to-one mental health therapy and coaching.

Previously I delivered the Covid Symptom Study app for nutrition health startup ZOE in partnership with King's College London, which gave the NHS and UK Government a "radar detection system" for imminent infection hotspots around the country.

In my previous role as a Senior Web Developer at Lovefilm I co-architected and developed a flexible multi-funnel signup flow, and architected and led the development of the replacement Disks-by-Post Rental List. The multiple sign-up funnel was cited by Amazon as justification for their complete acquisition of LOVEFiLM in 2011.

I've also worked for Amazon and Yahoo!, and led the delivery of an accessible Legal & General website that is still used as a business case study for W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative.

I use the pseudonym Isofarro in my online wanderings.

Other sites I run

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