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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

All topics would be a node (or a directory), preferably named something short that's memorisable. At certain stages there will probably be duplication of topic names - so a topic would exist with this name, which then lists all the possible topics that match. For example the topic "table" shows entries for "Furniture tables" and "HTML tables" - each their own independant topics. But we would need to clarify which "table" we wanted. Naturally specifying a context would be appropriate. A context could be supplied by associating the topic name with another that relates. So "table" is matched with "HTML" for the markup variety. This association shouldn't form part of a name, but depends on the context. It should, however, be required that all topics can be uniquely named, so a representation such as "html.table" or "html/table" should be enough to distinguish it from the kitchen variety.

What sort of modifications and updates do we need to do:

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