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New blog category for Atom

Friday, October 24, 2003

My Semantic Web category is starting to be dominated by Atom related posts. Much to the extent that it is diluting the attention I want to give to the Semantic Web.

Now that the weblog format formerly known as Pie, Echo, Necho (not Echo) and Atom has finally settled on Atom as the format name, its a good time to devote a blog category to this.

My new Atom category will contain my Atom experiences and commentary. I've moved Atom related posts from the semantic web category there, but there are redirects in place for people pointing to these articles, there is a proper 301 Permanently Moved HTTP response to the new URL for all Atom posts.

For aggregator readers who only want to follow my Atom related posts, the Atom category does have its own RSS 1.0 feed, and of course a Atom 0.2 feed.

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