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AlphaSmart Dana - the next Z88?

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Designed to be Mac-friendly. Looks remarkably like the Z88. The keyboard gets a good thumbs up (except for the power-on key). Downsides are the lack of Compact Flash slots (in preference to SD Media) - there go my IBM Microdrives, the 8Mb memory (good enough for 50 Palm applications apparently). Battery life of 25 hours with a backlight.

I suppose what would make this a killer gadget for me is the availability of software development tools (probably Palm already has these aplenty), and web-orientated software - a wiki or a markup editor would be loooverly. I'll need to do some research before spending close on £300 for this particular gadget, especially with a new Z88 with EPROM and blower on the way shortly. Reinvigorated my interest in the Z88 as a modern computing platform. The AlphaSmart Dana isn't quite there yet in comparison to the good ol' Cambridge Z88.

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