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Accessibility in the News: August 2005

Monday, September 05, 2005

August saw SiteMorse furiously back-pedaling again. They correctly acknowledge that an automated tool cannot make the judgements required to determine whether a site is accessible. SiteMorse look to be ignoring the evidence that their tool is making precisely those judgements, and getting them wrong, and flagging errors where there are none. In a change of tack, SiteMorse now claim their tool measures the usability of the site. Perhaps pedaling backwards is making them dizzy. Their hatchet job against the DRC seems to continue.

IBM continues to make positive moves in both the open source and web accessibility communities. Its latest code contribution to Firefox includes a raft of useful accessibility features improving on keyboard access, and making pages more compatible with text-to-speech software. There are a few odd standards-breaking features (like negative tabindex values), but on the whole the contribution is an especially constructive one.


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