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Accessibility in the News: December 2004

Saturday, January 01, 2005

When I first started my monthly scour through Google News for accessibility stories about eighteen months ago there were very few stories. Now it takes six hours, and the blog post summary is too big to be digestible. Starting from this month I'm refocusing the stories particularly around the World Wide Web, software and hardware. Those are the areas that interest and motivate me in pushing every day for a more accessible web. Also, software and hardware is a critical juncture for web accessibility, it needs to be in the spotlight.

Thank you to the KDE and GNOME developers for their efforts in getting their desktop software packages accessible. I look forward to each iteration to see your accessibility improvements. Thanks also to IBM for their succession of accessibility related products, including the generous allowance of their text to speech technology in open source products.

Regular readers will notice that there wasn't a November 2004 edition of accessibility in the news. Two factors collaborated to make that edition impossible to write. My local gas company put in a new gas pipeline and thoughtfully took the opportunity of chopping through the local phone line. I was without a phone line from end of November through the first half of December. The second factor - an expected one this time - South African telephone infrastructure is still way behind an acceptable level for Internet use. The best that can be achieved is a 14,400 connection, yet that is still far too slow to attempt perusing over 2000 news articles looking for accessibility stories. My apologies for the missing month.

Wishing you the best for 2005.


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