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Accessibility in the News: December 2005

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Its not been a good year for UK Government departments or local governments. By January 2006 all government department websites are supposed to be accessible. A recent report revealed that only 3 per cent of sites are actually accessible. So either the 97 per cent of government websites are working serious overtime this Christmas, or there's a big problem. Its encouraging that the Clackmannanshire Council are leading the way in terms of web accessibility for local government. But its disappointing to see this positive attitude is not reflected across the country.

Across Europe the same disappointments are evident. The Disney Stores UK also got some column inches this month with their massive leap backwards in terms of web accessibility.

GAWDS is gaining recognition in the media. This month ICT Wales published biographies of two established members:

Blwyddwyn newydd dda!


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