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Accessibility in the News: February 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The biggest story of the month is the legal suit against Target, for having an inaccessible website. In the comments, there's a massive barrier of ignorance that has to be overcome. Target has made a few noticeable changes when its been flagged up by web accessibility activists, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, a legal decision is necessary to reduce the barrier of public ignorance.

The next amazing story is US museums making their exhibits accessible. This involves hands-on examination of marble statues, as well as exploring the different textures of paintbrush strokes as a ways of explaining a van Gogh masterpiece. Its a fascinating area, and demonstrates how innovative and creative we can be in the field of accessibility.

The complaint and petition aimed at Google for its CAPTCHA barrier to disabled people has received no answer from Google. This month I've been battling to subscribe to some of Yahoo's email groups because of illegible characters. Come on Google and Yahoo, please provide an accessible alternative.


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