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Accessibility in the News: July 2004

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Voting issues are heating up again now that there's less than 100 days until the US Presidential Elections. Florida looks to be capable of reproducing its sparkling electorial form again. At least there's visible campaigning going on to ensure disabled voters don't keep getting a raw deal.

The Odeon snuffed out the accessible version of their website on the accusation of data protection - its been a backlash in the blogging community, and two high profile media reports - the BBC and Wired. The Odeon are pointing fingers at Matthew Somerville claiming he's "whipping up" support against the Odeon - which is completely nonsense. But then Matthew might be an easier scapegoat than Odeon incompetance.

IBM have been busy this month. First they unveiled a developer tool - called aDesigner - designed to show the effects of disability - so a test tool that might flag up various accessibility issues. Second a tool called Web Adaption Technology - which strips out a number of accessibility problems in websites. And thirdly they've allowed their text-to-speech technology to be used on Linux. Thank you Big Blue!


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