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Accessibility in the News: July 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

Troubled SiteMorse's public relations campaign backfires spectacularly again this month. They initially criticise GAWDS on not "meeting basic accessibility standards" based on what turns out to be a false positive from the SiteMorse tool. They then quietly retract the allegation with no explanations or apologies. SiteMorse public display of belligerence wins no fans, and later in the month the Public Sector Forums decides to drop support for the SiteMorse league tables. A move met with overwhelmingly positive support.

The launch of the new Harry Potter book, and the dedicated website make a positive spin for web accessibility. Involving the RNIB, Macromedia and Lightmaker, the site uses accessible Flash to wow and dazzle its audience.

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates its 15th birthday this month (26th July). Experts, layers and disabled people recognise things have improved, but there is still quite some way to go for equal opportunities for disabled people.


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