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Accessibility in the News: July 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The major story of the month is Google's Accessible Search, produced by T.V. Raman. It returns results where accessibility is a scoring factor for ranking, thus promoting more accessible sites with all other things being equal. It's part of Google Labs research project. It's an interesting move from Google, and with T.V. Raman in the driving seat, it certainly won't make the mistake of believing web accessibility can be properly tested programmatically. This story is a worldwide public acknowledgement of the importance of web accessibility - kudos Google.

The Disability Rights Commission have listened to public comments about PAS 78, and have taken action - it's now free via the Disability Rights Commission's website.

The OpenDocument Format saga trundles on, starting with an out-of-date report that criticises the selection of ODF, and Microsoft starting to cave in on its reluctance to support ODF in its Office products. Advocates of the Open Document Format have been cautious - Microsoft is playing the FUD game, and it's eroding its public trust.


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