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Accessibility in the News: March 2004

Friday, April 02, 2004

Biggest story of the month is Apple's unveiling of Spoken Interface - a screen reader built into Mac OSX. Hopefully this will spark off a price war between OS X and Windows screen readers, benefitting the blind community (Mark Pilgrim's blog entry on Spoken Interface is recommended reading). Opera are not far behind technology-wise with a speech-enabled browser. PDFs are still in the spotlight with the opinion they may not meet Section 508 compliance.

And the supposed "best-of-the-best" in British companies - FTSE100 companies and UK banks - all get slated because of inaccessible websites and online services.

For the interest of regular readers, I've started to collect accessibility-related links in my accessibility link log. News aggregator readers can subscribe to the RSS 1.0 feed or the Atom 0.3 feed which will serve the last 20 links, updated periodically.


Hardware and software

Real world accessibility

Voting machines

Is this an issue that can be sorted out by the time of the US Presidential elections at the end of this year?

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