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Accessibility in the News: May 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

UK charities and FTSE-100 still not accessible according to recent studies by Nomensa and AbilityNet. The Nomensa report, however, does offer constructive guidance by highlighting some areas some websites do well. This acknowledges the accessibility work put in by a number of organisations and spurs other organisations to adopt these best practice techniques. Nice one, Nomensa! (Although, would you consider making the report available for immediate download?)

Also of note, the Odeon's website has been relaunched and it's leaps and bounds better than the previous monstrosity that's been the subject of ridicule in the past. Still some niggling problems when using Firefox and no Flash.

The OpenDocument Format scored a massive win against Microsoft's so called "open" XML Office Formats by releasing a plugin to add ODF support to Microsoft Office. This largely routs around Microsoft's refusal to support the format, and so alleviates the lock-in Microsoft's own format enjoys over people with disabilities.

The new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is in last call, and its looking to be dead in the water, being largely rejected by the web development and design community. In its attempt to be technology-independent and testable, the guidelines are too obscure to actually be implementable. Perhaps its wiser to ignore WCAG 2.0 entirely and focus either on the missing Techniques document for each technology, or stick with WCAG 1.0, and hope Joe Clark and his WCAG Samurais can bring it more up-to-date.


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