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Accessibility in the News: October 2005

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The story of the month is the RNIB's investigation into RyanAir's website. RyanAir are no strangers to disability discrimination complaints, and now their website is under scrutiny. The RNIB are investigating a complaint that a disabled person cannot get tickets online at the same price as non-disabled people - partly because disabled people are required to phone in, and thus online offers are not valid when the tickets are bought over the phone.

Its a common understanding that airlines are exempt from the Disability Discrimination Act (see Part III, section 19, paragraph 5(b).), but the DRC, in their Code of Practice, paragraph 2.17 states: It is important to remember that it is the provision of the service which is affected by Part III of the Act and not the nature of the service or business or the type of establishment from which it is provided. In many cases a service provider is providing a service by a number of different means. In some cases, however, each of those means of service might be regarded as a service in itself and subject to the Act.


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