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Ajax and Accessibility talk at AbilityNet's Rich Media workshop

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was invited back to AbilityNet's regular Rich Media workshops, where I talked about Web 2.0 and Accessible Ajax.

The bulk of my presentation covered the same ground as my previous talk. With six months more experience and thought, as well as a great new case study - a currency calculator for our next finance site.

Christian Heilmann has uploaded my slides to slideshare. I'm finding his presentations watchable in an RSS aggregator, so this is my real-world test:

Thanks to AbilityNet for inviting me. Although I'm not a natural speaker, and it still terrifies me, this is something I want to do regularly.

In full flow talking about accessible Ajax at AbilityNet's February 2008 Rich Media Workship
(Picture courtesy of Dirk Ginader)

AbilityNet's workshops bring in the right people we accessibility people need to be talking to - those at the grassroots building or commissioning the build of websites. Their efforts will make websites as a whole more accessible, and its our responsibility and in our interests to make sure they have the best information to make educated and informed decisions about web accessibility.

AbilityNet are hosting Accessibility 2.0: A million flowers bloom, a one day accessibility conference on April 25th in London. Speakers include Steve Faulkner, Christian Heilmann, Robin Christopherson and Julie Howell - that is the cream of web accessibility talent and experience in the UK.

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