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Sunday, June 05, 2005

@media 2005 starts this Thursday, 9th June 2005 in Kings College, Waterloo, London. After a work-related invoice-paying hiccup was resolved later last week, I can finally confirm with certaintly I will be there for both days. I've been looking forward to this event for a while now, the cream of the web design community will be there - both as speakers and attendees.

Joe Clark

There's a stack load of people I want to meet during those two days. Top of that list is Joe Clark, I've heard he can be abrasive, so somehow I've got to say hello without coming off as a complete Berk. An autograph in my copy of "Building Accessible Websites" would be brilliant.

The accessifyforum gang

Also flying in from Canada, is Derek Featherstone who I've started to get to know over on accessifyforum. I'm keen to meet Andy Clarke and Patrick Lauke (I think I've promised to buy the first round of drinks). Bruce Lawson's just announced he's going to make it - another person I'd like to meet, so to is Gez Lemon.

Jon Gibbins is up in London for a few days next week, probably going to meet him Tuesday night - if Grant Broome is still dropping by.

Deja vu is a good thing

Not everybody is a stranger, Patrick Griffiths - the organiser - I met in April on one of his HTML and CSS courses, and I met Ian Lloyd in 2003 while he was in London giving a talk at the UKUPA's Accessibility evening.

The Web Standards buzz

I want to say hi to Molly Holzschlag at some stage. Autograph wise, I have my copy of "Zen of web design" that needs an autograph. Meeting Zeldman will be an interesting experience for me - I'm not sure what to expect - I've strongly disagreed with him on a number of occasions, yet slowly been convinced otherwise over time.

The JavaScript masters

Just noticed Peter Paul Koch is coming along, must thank him personally for the material on quirksmode - his W3C DOM Compatibility lists are astoundingly useful (any chance of making a reference card?). 11th June sees a Javascript-guru meetup - which might give me a chance to finally meet Simon Willison. I'll have to see if the JavaScript gurus have any ideas about making XmlHttpRequest based applications more accessible.

Communication protocol issues

Note: Please feel free to say hi if you see me - I'm not very good at the talking-to-real-people thing! For laptop spotters, I'll be the one with the Thinkpad X23.

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