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Bruce Lawson after Glasshaus

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I was first acquainted with Bruce Lawson after the creation of the W3 public evangelist mailing list - a list dedicated to promoting web standards through articles and education. He came across as a very likeable guy.

It was only a few weeks later I realised he was the guy behind Glasshaus publishing - the publishing house behind Jim Thatcher et al's "Constructing Accessible Websites". This book was influential on my understanding of the issues around accessibility, and gave me the impetus to raising web accessibility at work. It certainly was the foundation behind my "Call to arms" article that I eventually sent out internally within the company. The influence of Glasshaus' book is certainly apparent!

From that one book, Glasshaus titles have been at the top of my list for a while, especially their Usable series. With a fair degree of confidence I can say that these blog entries probably wouldn't exist without Glasshaus.

It was with a sad heart to hear that Wrox, the owners of Glasshaus publishing, went under, taking the fledgling company with it. Luckily the Glasshaus assets have been bought up by Apress, so these titles are expected to be back in printing circulation again.

As for Bruce, he's re-emerged as one of the people behind DMXZone, a pay-per-article venture focusing on the same flavour of interests as the Glasshaus range. They've got an interesting series of articles lined up, all at $1.99 per article (which goes to paying authors). Looking at their author list, its the cream of the crop (as was with Glasshaus). Accessify has a fascinating interview with Bruce.

Good luck, Bruce!

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