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Using accessibility for business advantage in Canada

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

A googling on Google News shows a positive story about accessibility. This story, titled "Disabled Web-users flex their muscles" reports of a Canadian bank, RBC Financial Group reaping the benefits of being the first bank to offer braille bank-stantements.

The article brings out a succinct point about adopting accessibility: "If the legal imperative doesn't scare companies into compliance, sheer greed might. One in seven Canadians over the age of 14 has some form of disability; together, they represent $25 billion in annual disposable income."

Even AOL gets a mention (about being charged under the ADA for web discrimination): "AOL, on the other hand, had the right idea: faced with aggressive action by the NFB, the interactive giant hired an accessibility officer and pledged to correct the flaw. Now AOL flags its accessibility policy on the aol.com home page."

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