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The DRC gearing up

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Alan Chuter, on the W3 WAI Interest Group mailing list pointed to theRegister article titled "Is your website accessible? Probably not", which originated from IT-Analysis article: "Is your website accessible? - Probably not". It reports that the DRC are going to evaluate and test 1000 public and private websites within the UK and measure their accessibility levels (using standards compliancy checks and good-old fashioned user-testing).

The DRC about us states: "The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is an independent body, established by Act of Parliament to eliminate discrimination against disabled people and promote equality of opportunity," and their press relase on the matter goes into further details.

Again, as with the test case article mentioned in a previous blog entry, the DRC certainly seem to be taking web accessibility seriously. The rumoured October 2004 deadline for compliancy may only be a pipe dream with the current signs suggesting compliancy needs to be achieved much earlier than that. This is good -- for the web community and its visitors. We no longer have an "excuse" for needless discrimination against portions of our society.

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