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Odeon Website complaint

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This is an email I sent to Luke Vetere, Marketing Director of Odeon Cinemas Limited in response to their heavy handed legal response to the accessible version of Odeon's website:


Firstly I apologise for contacting you like this. Your website still doesn't seem to work, so trying to contact someone from Odeon is impossible.

I realise customer satisfaction is important to Odeon - and because of that you've taken steps to shut down the only working version of the Odeon website. That stops me from being a customer.

At this moment the Odeon website is not working. This is a screenshot of the Odeon website using my modern browser. Odeon's branding is all that comes through (albeit fuzzy). No movie guide, no sign-up facilities, nothing. Just a black screen with a blurred Odeon logo - not an especially positive customer experience.

Its not my browser that's causing this particular problem at all. It is a badly coded website. And its inaccessible too.

I am on the understanding that you are currently building a new website to be accessible (and usable in modern browsers). This is a good step indeed. Although, I am told that you've been working on this new version for well over two years!

Could you confirm the date that this new site will be publicly available? I'd especially like to watch the new Star Wars movie in Odeon's Leicester Square cinema when it opens early next year. Will the Odeon website be working by then?

Thank you for your time,
Michael Davies
Whyteleafe, Surrey

So far no response.

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