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Surprising Usability Nightmares - The Popup Window

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I've been very impressed with IBM's developerWorks website - its the sort of resource that makes me wish I stayed with IBM (or at least transfer to Hursley). DeveloperWorks covers a range of topics for Internet based developers from Websphere and Java through to Open Source languages such as PHP and Python, and also a well-stocked Usability Section. One of their articles, mentioned on WebWord is titled "Usability: Seven tricks that Web users don't know", covering concepts like company logos linking to the website home page and the drop-down menu flaw that violates the law that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

But what seems to be completely unbelievable are those experienced Windows users who don't know what the taskbar does, and that it is possible to task-switch between applications. As a result, this leads to nightmare scenarios of pop-up windows that completely prevent any further use of a PC (since the back button is greyed out).

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