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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One of the major benefits of working alongside world-class web developers in Yahoo! Europe is the thought and attention to detail applied to building websites. The combined experience and knowledge of the team vastly exceeds that of one web developer, or a small team of web developers.

I'm also lucky to have the opportunity to work with engineers who rely on screenreaders. That is revealing new insights, and opportunities we can use to improve our sites. I'm learning, discovering and refining techniques that make sites more accessible.

I've started a new blog about practical web development tips for producing accessible websites. It's AccessibilityTips.com. The focus is on practical advice for real websites; advice web developers can use immediately to improve the accessibility of their sites.

The practical tips I cover are those we've uncovered in our day-to-day work on Yahoo! sites. The content is aimed at people who develop websites, and want to build more accessible and usable websites.

Tips I've covered so far:

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