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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Slashdot had a book review of glasshaus's excellent publication of "Constructing Accessible Websites" [Amazon] [Amazon.co.uk]. I've had this book for a few months and slowly working my way through it, it covers mainly from a Usian viewpoint the regulatory requirements of websites to be accessible to the general public. There is some substance to legal requirements around the world, including the landmark Maguire vs Sydney Olympic Games Organising Committee which cemented accessibility as a key requirement for websites authored or hosted in Australia.

From the Slashdot discussion it is refreshing to see that accessibility is starting to take effect at the grassroots level and that people are starting to understand what accessibility really means. Two articles stood out as excellent examples of this understanding. Accessibility is "Universal Design" which highlights a relationship between best practices of web design to best practices of consumer products. And the over-looked point that the Web isn't visual-only, regardless of insistence that the web is a mere billboard of flickery gee-gaws.

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