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UK Airline websites get inaccessibility stick

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

AbilityNet - a national charity championing IT for people with disabilities has recently conducted a survey of the accessibility of websites of major UK airlines. This survey warranted an article in the UK Financial Times

Nine airline websites were surveyed with EasyJet taking the credit as the most accessible website with a top score of two out of five. This low score is an indication of how badly UK websites are doing in terms of accessibility, hopefully there will be some improvement.

Virgin Atlantic came last. A good sign is that they've issued a public apology and are keen to rectify the "serious issues of accessibility". (Unfortunately their apology is a PDF document).

Exploring round the AbilityNet website I see their website is designed with web standards, and validates (apart from one incorrectly closed paragraph element - a simple typo). Its certainly a breath of fresh air in relation to the RNIB's website.

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