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Friday, December 01, 2006

Drew and friends have started their 24ways Advent calendar (24 ways to impress your friends), a Christmas calendar for web geeks. Each day reveals another set of tips and secrets of web development, from JavaScript shininess right the way through to web accessibility and semantics. This is essential reading for December 2006. Drew starts us off with a corker of an article Tasty Text Trimmer - along with sample code and a working demonstration.

Stuart and Brad got very interested in Inserting HTML page into another HTML page which uses object instead of iframe to embed an HTML page. Aleksandar found a crafty workaround in Internet Explorer - using Internet Explorer's own classid that he dug out of the Windows Registery. Brad spent some time building a few test cases (with additional refinements, including getting rid of the conditional comments) that we are currently evaluating - particularly for accessibility. No more iframes?

Ed Eliot builds on his PhpDelicious class and offers us a way to backup and restore bookmarks to/from del.icio.us. This will be handy, particularly because it writes to a MySQL database. I've started to use del.icio.us in earnest this last month, particularly because it does have a comments box for each link - that's a key feature for me (pity there's a character limit on it). I'm tending to use del.icio.us to bookmark links that don't fit neatly into my own linkblog categories.

Christian Heilmann offers more del.icio.us goodness, in the form of a JavaScript REST implementation called Dishy. Chris' solution avoids the need to use a server-side proxy, so the code is literally drop-and-run. Earlier in the month, Chris has an excellent piece about what makes a good web developer, its worth a read, and reflect.

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