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Danger's Hiptop: Baaad Dog

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I recall the furora Danger's Hiptop communicator (or T-mobile Sidekick) this device caused in blogging circles a few months back. Contrary to logic, Hiptop pretends to be a large screen device and tries to render screen-specific stylesheets on a tiny PDA screen - and then it feels the need to mangle the HTML.

Zeldman refers to this incident as a good reason why not following standards is not practical, pointing out an article by Ian Lloyd (senior web designer at Nationwide Building Society where they take the matter of accessibility very seriously) on Accessify titled "Why Hiptops are Harmful to Web Standards". T-Mobile seem to be listening, accepting the criticism and responding, so hopefully this abhorrent situation can be rectified (since it looks like its the proxy that mangles the HTML, not the device itself - good thinking there).

The last thing the web-community wants to do is browser-sniff their way around the HipTop. If Danger fix these problems and the product makes it to the UK - I want one!

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