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IE6: Worlds apart

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Ian Hixie: "in what world is MSIE 6.0 a standards supporting browser". He makes a good, and well documented, case against MSIE6 as puporting to adhere to standards. This is a response to Mark Pilgrim's announcement that WaSP's Browser Upgrade Campaign is officially retired.

My response in Mark's blog:

I'm glad the end of the "Browser Update" campaign is near. I never liked the forced redirection solution, not to mention the number of people who believed that downloading a recent copy of Mozilla or Internet Explorer was actually cost free. Both those points out-weighed and clouded the real issues of the campaign, especially on a world wide scale.

The new philosophy towards web designer education looks extremely positive, and I'm all for it. Now with the new additions to the WaSP team, including yourself [Mark Pilgrim] and Matthias Gutfeldt only enhances the stature of WaSP in my eyes.

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