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On the road to evolution

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

As each day passes on the World Wide Web more and more web developers, web designers and web site owners are realising the benefits and value that a standards compliant and accessible web site offers. Standards allows us to all communicate using the same set of rules, that makes the information we provide useful to a far greater number of people and systems than the tag soup that's been in vogue since the HTML 3.2 days.

This blog will concentrate on the road to progress and the usefulness of information that's already in a structured format. Including covering requirements for accessibility to those visitors with disabilities, I will also be concentrating on the emergence of agents, the automated and scripted website visitor.

The World Wide Web Consortium is really coming up to speed with excellent articles covering the advantages of having a standard's compliant website. The Web Accessibility Initiative is proving very useful to those large companies required by law or statute to make their websites and the information they contain accessible to all visitors, including those with disabilities. The W3 is making some good ground on tackling the argument preventing companies from adopting standards compliancy as part of their best practices (even if they chose to use external web designers to create their website).

In short, we are starting to head down the road that makes the Web far more than the inferior version of the paper based mediums, and toward a fully-participating society that is freely open to all the members of our society.

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